Roberta Dall'Olio. President of EURADA

Nathalie Czerniatynski. Director of IGRETEC

Wim de Kinderen. International Project Manager, Brainport Eindhoven

Rafael Martínez. Head of Business Competitiveness, Murcia Development Agency

Andrea Di Anselmo. Vice-President MetaGroup

Nikos Pantalos. DG Grow - European Commission

Isa Hofmann. International Industrial Consultant. Watify Keynote speaker

Bernard Delvaux. General manager, SONACA

Stéphane Mouton, Senior Business Development Manager, CETIC

Luc Mohymont. Technical director, EMAC

Angelo Buttafuoco. 4.0 Industry Advisor, Innovatech

Abd Samad Habbachi, Cellule Catch, Charleroi, Belgium

Lucilla Lanciotti, CEO Novafund

Béatrice Alié. Strategic Intelligence Manager, SOGEPA

Pierre-Yves Jeholet. Vice-President and Minister of Economy, Industry, Research, Innovation, Digital, Employment and Training. Walloon Government

Amaia Martinez. BIND 4.0 ; SPRI

Tessa Anné. In4Wood project, EURADA

Craig J. Richard. Board Chair of IEDC

Ozgul Ozkan Yavuz. Director of the Istanbul Development Agency Istanbul

Rudy Pirquet. Président « CDS Charleroi-Métropole»

Benoît Bayenet. SOGEPA Vice president

Benoît Hucq. General manager of ​Agènce du Numérique (Digital Wallonia)

Thomas Dermine. Catalyst for Charleroi, Cellule Catch

Pablo Coca, business and operations director CTIC Technology Center, The Spanish Industry 4.0 model in practice: Key drivers

Jean-Louis Amat, Managing director, Ardennes Developpement, Additive manufacturing

Olivier Van de Werve. Senior Business Development Manager, CETIC

Christine Simon, Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology, European Commmission